August 13, 2004

All Over Town

Iíve been walking a lot lately. I walk home from work almost every day. Itís about 2 miles. Sometimes a take a longer route over Sutter through Japantown and down Fillmore. That way I can go to the Japanese grocery store. On the regular walk I can stop at a bookstore or window shop in Hayes Valley, or try on one of the fancypants braís in that one store over there. Iíd really like one of those La Perla SexyTown braís in a 34B if anyone wants to get me one. Either color is fine. Some days I walk downtown and go shopping or get a drink with a pal, then bus home from there. The only problem with walking is that I now have to make an extra effort if I want to go to the Mexican/Thai grocery on 16th for cheap sauces. I think Iíll manage.

Iíve walked a lot on the weekends too. Forced some friends to go to the Ren Faire with me. Thereís something about being a tourist or going to a faire or being outside in the daytime with a bunch of other people who are out to enjoy themselves that works for me. But Iíve also walked around the City. I no longer feel like itís a giant pain in the ass to get up and go places. To walk for 30 minutes is more of a pleasure these days. I donít know what it is really, some sort of brain shift. Except today. Today I have had a pounding headache for about 15 hours.

There are side effects to this walking. I have more energy, I can check out neighborhoods, and I see weird stuff. Yesterday I saw a little black voodoo doll with nappy hair sticking out of a glazed vase on the sidewalk.

Posted by allison at August 13, 2004 04:33 PM