August 17, 2004

Spring Cleaning

Everybody knows that summer in San Francisco comes in September and October, so it’s really pretty good timing on my part. I have replaced the dinette set with a little beech and stainless breakfast bar and cleared all the papers that used to sit on the table. Got a chair from a pal and put my old blue swivelly cat scratched chair out on the sidewalk; and replaced the ripped shitty loveseat with a new unripped shitty couch. This weekend I gave away my old monitor and put a flat panel in its place.

I am no longer lumpy and old. I am sleek and refined.

The closet could still use some work, but I did throw out all my old ratty underwear and socks. Yesterday I bought a variety of mason jars and organized my rice, quinoa, and orzo collection. I have repotted plants and am even considering mopping. Slowly slowly I throw more away… Like the 12-year-old hard drives that may or may not have some email I saved in 1995 on them and 10-year-old half-filled bottles of shampoo.

Exciting. I know.

Posted by allison at August 17, 2004 03:32 PM