December 02, 2004

The Moon and the Body and the Cold

I kept meaning to write something about the moon on Monday. How from the J-Church it looked like a dome on the horizon. Transparent amber illuminated from within, but too large for any of the buildings in the skyline.

But I put it off. It was cold that night, and has been since. Itís going to be a cold winter, I just hope itís short.

Iíve been going to the gym every workday at lunch for 2 weeks now. Iím tired physically and can already feel a little difference. I think Iíll go everyday for the next couple weeks unless my knee gives out, then switch to 3x a week. Itís been a while since I had any muscle. Time for a change. Might as well fill up my day with something thatís good for me. Might as well make myself tired enough to sleep through the night without waking up to find myself alone surrounded by cats. And it keeps me warm for the 2 hours after I leave the gym.

Posted by allison at December 2, 2004 04:50 PM