December 30, 2004


I walked up 15th to Mission in the rain. It wasn't coming down hard yet, but it was coming down. I got myself under the bus shelter with the smokers from the welfare to work training shop on the corner, sucked up some of their smoke, coughed a little, shook off my umbrella, and started waiting.

It took about 30 seconds for the rain to break loose and the gutters to turn from streams into rivers. 30 seconds more and the rain was hail. Little rock candy turds of ice bouncing off of our feet. One of the smokers stepped into the onslaught, looked around with his eyebrows up, and then moved back. I checked up the street and didnít see one pedestrian on the sidewalk in either direction.

Itís winter in SF. So thatís what we get. I plan to spend my time wearing my new Xmas cashmere sweater and watching my new Tivo on my new holiday TV. Someone suggested I learn to snowboard again. Maybe I will, itís a good winter thing (as long as thereís some kinda hot tub, Iím thinkiní). And people keep talking about this powder stuff, whatever that is.

Posted by allison at December 30, 2004 01:26 PM