January 19, 2005

Life, Liver Chi, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The liver chi, she is too slow. Or something. Not enough. So Iím going to boil the herbs, the dirt and twigs and leaves and crap, and drink the dirt juice that results. It looks like butt drippings. It tastes bitter and spicy, but underneath, sweet like old earth. So it doesnít taste good. The thing is, there is no regular western doctor help for the fact that my knees freaking kill me when itís cold and rainy out. You canít get me to take Advil every 4 hours for the entire winter, and neither can my doctor. Already tried that in the past until I decided Iíd rather eat and drink my way to an ulcer. And the herbs should help all over. Circulation in the joints, speed up metabolism, encourage regularity, stabilize moods and pms. 1 billion Chinese canít be wrong, right?

Posted by allison at 12:16 PM