September 20, 2005

Awesome Weekend of Fun - Part 1 - Thursday

My awesome weekend of fun started WAY toooo early on Thursday when I woke up at 4am and got ready for the Supershuttle guys to pick me up. Luckily the INSANE driving woke me up just fine AND got me to the terminal in time for my WAY too early flight to beautiful Ontario, California.

The first thing I did there was head over to the rental car desk and pick up my crappy econo car. Then, when I finally found the onramp, I took the 10 to Upland and met good ole Neck for breakfast at some random-ass little cafe. The food was cheap, tasty, and plentiful. The coffee didn't suck too bad. The waitress was chatty and goofy. The cook came out and said hello. If only this spot wasn't completely removed from everywhere I ever go, I'd visit again. Neck kindly brought me some home-smoked ribs and a piece of homemade coffee cake (that I saved and ate for breakfast on Friday - delicious).

After that I hopped back on the 10 going east and sweated my way to Desert Hot Springs, meeting up with Zak&Megan, Steph&Kenji, and Gary, freshly arrived from NY. We immediately got ourselves ready for our spa treatments, and ran into Michael&Vanessa in the salon waiting area. My massager was obsessed with titties, and talked of them quite a bit. I didn't find it all that relaxing, but I did find it hilarious. Next it was off to the 5 different temperatures of mineral/swimming pools.

Later on we stopped by the Lido Palms Motel to see the soon to be happily married couple. This motel is awesome. You could see it in a movie, go there to die of alcoholism, or lock yourself away in a little room to write a screwed up depressing novel. Or, like us, you could just sip a lot of Tecate, eat weiners, and dangle your toes (or entire body, depending) in the hot tub while listening to some funtime music. You might or might not want to follow that up with some carnitas at one of the local lowbrow mexican eateries.

Thursday was pretty good.

Posted by allison at September 20, 2005 10:44 AM