September 29, 2005

Awesome Weekend of Fun – The Wedding

Saturday morning and we wake up and putter and shower and head over to the poolside restaurant for brunch. Unbeknownst to me, water aerobics are already in progress lead by the bride’s sister who is barking orders to 15 hungover freaks and working them into a whooping, splashing frenzy of aerobicized excitement. It was the perfect brunchtime entertainment, I got tired just watching. The only other thing I managed to get done that day was taking a nap. Ahhh, vacation.

When nap time was over, more friends had arrived, and others were calling to alert us that they were nearby. I started getting my outfit together. The outfits… The bride asked everyone, well the women and any adventurous guys, to wear hot pink and bright green to the ceremony. Quite a few people took it seriously. The place was a sea of pink dresses. Somehow I managed to find a BRIGHT GREEN and yellow dress, to go with it I made a lovely BRIGHT PINK chiffon wrap, accented with dangly beaded ribbon. I stuck some extra ribbon on my wackjob 70s high heel shoes and with a pink carnation behind my ear was all set to dominate the fashion world of the desert. I was not the brightest guest. One guy had on a HOT PINK suit and fluorescent green tie. Others were throwing pinks and greens on in crazy combinations. It was great!

The ceremony started around 4 and we all took our seats, soon the flautist began her piece… which turned out to be a medley of star trek themes. And the couple did their vows, which included promising to stand with each other against all those who might oppose them. The reception started right after, over on the lawn. I was too nervous to start drinking or even enjoying myself. I had agreed to play guitar and sing at the reception and was convinced I’d get sloppy and my fingers forget what they were supposed to do, so it was just overly dry chicken for me, and a glass of wine, and waiting.

The entertainment started with two MC’s who hosted the reception. There were several acts, and twice as many speeches. All were fantastic. The acts were: Brides father playing original jazz guitar piece, bride’s sister (having changed into green stirrup pants and a pink leotard) following her toast with a jazzercise routine to Laura Brannigan’s Gloria that ended in the centipede (forward AND back) and a handstand. Next I played Blue Moon and Can’t Help Falling in Love and even got the audience to sing along with me quietly (I didn’t screw up! Whew. I also apparently never told 30 of my closest friends that I sang or played guitar… oops! I moved on to the drinks asap and watched the next toasts and performers). Eugene did a bizarre movement interpretation piece that had everyone howling. Another girl did a great version of Some Kind of Wonderful, the groom’s brother played clarinet, and it all ended with a performance by the guy in the hot pink suit doing an original song he wrote for his ukulele.. in Klingon. I don’t think I have ever been so entertained or laughed so hard at any wedding… Maybe not even at any show.

This was all followed of course, by 4 DJs. Interspersed between songs for the next few hours were a few dance numbers, one by the bride and groom as their first dance, and later an 8 person ensemble performance to Footloose. Totally awesome. At midnight we moved the party to the bride and groom’s cabin and turned the music back on. Everyone was in great spirits, everyone was tipsy, and everyone was having a fantastic time.

Posted by allison at September 29, 2005 04:53 PM

WOW! Didn't see that coming!

So, which way did you go with the wedding gift? Toaster or towels?

Posted by: kev at September 30, 2005 07:09 AM
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