December 13, 2005


Most of my more lucid dreams have been tragic lately. But Iíve still managed to have a few of the less sad, more bizarre variety.

I was on a swim team and we were losing to the competing team. The meet took place in a swampy lake, more like a bayou than the suburban pool clubs where I competed in swim meets as a kid. I wandered around a lot in my racing suit. The ground was moist and covered with a layer of spongy decomposing leaves and I had to step over the exposed roots of trees that grew next to the water. I donít remember competing in any of the events, but I do remember that it was partly my fault we were losing.

After the other team won and Iíd made it back from a little store where Iíd gone to use the bathroom (this store sold souvenirs and memorabilia for their team) they started doing a water show for us. They swam in the murk over to a big pile of foam rubber pumpkins. One pumpkin was much larger than the restÖ maybe the size of a small shack. They began to saw the top off like you would to start a jack-o-lantern. When they took the top off the top, instead of pumpkin seeds, it was full of those little plastic balls (the color of seeds) that kids dive through in playgrounds. They all dove in.

It all had a feeling of gloom and failure and sadness to it, but nothing like the disconcerting dreams of disaster that have been hanging around lately. But not to worry, I know what the disaster dreams are about. Itíll pass.

Posted by allison at December 13, 2005 04:53 PM