February 10, 2006

What the? Where the? Who the?

I havenít mentioned it yet but I spent all last week at eg2006 working/volunteering. It was frustrating in a way because there wasnít really enough work to do, but once the conference started, it was as stimulating as ever. And exhausting. Iíve been volunteering for this guyís conferences for quite a few years now. This time it was entertainment focused. I saw quite a few famous people in the audience, Sidney Poitier, Herbie Hancock, Quincie Jones, Salma Hayak, Naomi Campbell, and more.

Some of the my favorite presenters tend to be science guys (Bill Nye spoke, and then later spontaneously married his fiancť on stage) and the music. It really doesnít get much better than seeing Yo Yo Ma from 6 feet away. He is a totally different kind of human from your regular everyday guy. He looks everyone in the eye and treats everyone with respect, just seems like one of the most present and down to earth people you could happen to meet. And he doesnít play cello too badly either. I normally hate the large strings, but Yo Yo offers sounds that others donít make.

I totally missed the talk by the DNA guy, Spencer Wells, which is ridiculous because Iím so into the DNA research (Haplogroup J represent), but I was so tired and out of it that I went and had a snack instead.

There were other highlights, Naomi Judd and Dwight Yokum, crazy video games, hilarious clips from new animated movies, selected Simpsonís cuts presented by Matt Groening, Herbie accompanying Jill Sobule on my favorite of her songs (Mexican Wrestler), and hanging out with some old friends.

FWIW I did not drink the Yahootinis. I drank the fine wines.

Posted by allison at February 10, 2006 12:16 PM

heh sis, that reminds me. jenn and i were crackin up cuz for the last month we had "Africa" by Toto in our heads. Then we get to mom and paps and WUT TEH? it's on the ceedee player.

then after that

your boy Herbie Hancock. Nunh-nuh. nunh-NUH, nun-NUH-NUH-NUH (doot-doot-doo, doot-doo, doot-doodoo)

Posted by: bro le breaux at February 10, 2006 04:23 PM

What the? You're telling me our parents listen to TOTO?

That's not possible... is it? How would that happen?

Posted by: allison at February 14, 2006 01:07 PM
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