March 10, 2006

wb Dreams About Me

wb: gus i had a dream about you
gus: oh yah?
wb: yeah
gus: what happened in it?
wb: ok so the dream was i was asleep at my parents house
gus: ok
wb: and i heard this talking
wb: and i heard your voice. and dipwick's voice
wb: and i sort of got up and had to pee and im wondering what the hell are they doing at my parents house
gus: in philly
wb: yes
wb: and i was sort of eavesdropping to see what you were saying and dipwick was telling my mom that he lives in france and got in a car accident in which his car went into a river and the french cops gave him a 100 euro ticket for crashing into a river
wb: and he was pissed
gus: heh
violet: heh
wb: then i went in and said hi and you were like "oh we were just passing through"
wb: and then i woke up
liver: what does it all mean?
wb: hard to say

Posted by allison at March 10, 2006 04:40 PM