May 26, 2006

My Life on Muni – Favorite quotes of the week.

A pointless post to fill space.

Guy two rows in front of me turning around on the 14 to talk to his friend (who is 4 rows behind me) about one of rear guy’s sisters who they haven’t heard from in 3 years, but who might be living in Oakland:

“Don’t nobody know nothin’ ‘bout NOTHIN’?”

Dirty homeless guy with wild scraggly hair and the crazy eyes sauntering up to me at the bus stop on Mission, giving me the “you know you want it, why don’t you give my ride a try” look:

“Baby, I’m a real man! ….. So COME ON!”

Bonus quote, from me, from today on chat, because I amuse myself:

“It must really suck when reality is your kryptonite.”

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