May 10, 2006


Sometimes it doesn't hit you until later. You realize you weren't really paying attention at the time. I spent a few months hanging out with a person who was very into discussing needs – his, mine, ours, that sort of thing. But it has slowly dawned on me that any needs of mine that were discussed were the ones that supported his needs. I seemed to always be going with his suggestions for where to go and what to do… and now I'm realizing, we never did get to mine. I also got in trouble for trying to show him a good time by taking him out somewhere I thought would be fun, or for not constantly sticking to his conversational track, or not responding according to his expectations. I guess I thought we would eventually do the things I might like more, or maybe I’m just up for anything. Or maybe I’m an idiot and overly accommodating. Whatever, I think I’ll make a note of it and go a different way from now on. The thing is, when you spend time with another person, you accept them for who they are or you don’t. If you want to hang out with someone who is exactly like you and desires nothing but to fulfill your every need alone… you should stay home and sit by the mirror.

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That kind of insidious shit is why I stopped dating men.

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