July 02, 2006

Paris and Amsterdam

OK, SO.... I went to Paris the other week to visit Aimee and Herf. When I got there, it was hot. And humid. I caught the Air France bus and met Aimee at the Arc de Triomphe and we walked the last couple of blocks to their apartment. Another pal came too, so we took off to the Musee d’Orsay and walked all over town. We all went to St. Chappelle and Notre Dame together on Thurs before jumping on the train to Amsterdam where we met yet more pals.

A few of us went to the Van Gogh Museum which was pretty nice, and Aimee and I went off to the Rijksmuseum, which was even better. There’s a Peter Greenaway exhibit called Nightwatching. If you happen to be in Amsterdam anytime soon, I suggest checking it out. A room full of flat screens showing a video montage about the Nightwatch and the meaning behind it. After watching you head into the room where the Nightwatch is hung. It’s nice, you feel all arty, and then they tell you to shut up and sit down. Then the really interesting stuff happens. They project light on the painting and it comes to life. Totally impressive.

We of course also stopped by the Anne Frank House and had some good meals and general pal hangout.

Then it was back to Paris. One fantastically tipsy night we all tromped over to the Eiffel Tower around midnight. I had my fun haggling experience, talking a guy down from $12 to $2 for a dum light up Eiffel Tower, and we all rode up in the elevator. Another day we tromped off to Versailles. There were many fun dinners, glasses of wine, cups of coffee, fresh baguettes, World Cup matches and more.

Then I came home on some terrible plane flights and got an intense muscle spasm. Ah well. A week of fun for the small price of a week of pain. What can you do.

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