August 18, 2006

Desperate and Frightened Animals

I dreamt there was a traveling preacher in town having revival meetings. He’d set up in a big church. When you went up the front steps and opened the heavy church doors into what you’d expect to be the nave, there was instead a long winding pathway up a hill. The path was lined with steers and cows, that had been given as offerings to the preacher at his services. They were lying on their sides, backs to the path on either side, with their heads pointed uphill. Each was hogtied. Most were alive, you could see them breathing, and some would arch their heads back, reaching toward me as I walked hoping for a stroke on the neck, a pat on the shoulder, a scritch on the head. My companion, who was leading me, said to watch out, some might bite. I pet the neck of one and it arched back so we were nose to nose, me and the tied up cow. It was straining in fear to get out of its spot but unable to, it made a final desperate lunge toward my face to try and bite me and I leapt back out of the way. The last thing I remember was being face to face staring into the flared nostrils of the desperate and frightened animal.

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I wanted to comment on your story but it wont publish comments. test test.

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