September 21, 2006

Breakin' the Law

Last week I was taking the 22 from over by my dentist’s office to work. We were going up Fillmore and the bus stopped. I was reading a book so didn’t notice we’d stopped mid-block, just after Grove Street. I heard someone ask for the driver’s license and registration. I thought it must be some friend of the driver getting on and joking with him, or a cop boarding for a ride along trying to be funny.

Then I noticed we weren’t at a bus stop, and the cop who stepped up into the bus was wearing a motorcycle helmet, so he obviously already had his own transportation. He asked again, “Can I see your license and registration please?” Holy crap! My bus was getting pulled over!

That was when most of the passengers started to laugh.

Apparently the driver ran a stop sign. He swore he stopped and one dude in the back backed him up, but a bunch of us were laughing with glee. The murderous MUNI drivers need to follow them some rules! The cop said that well no, he’d really just slowed down to about 7mph and then breezed through the intersection. He wrote him up a ticket, and we continued up Fillmore with our now red-faced driver.

Posted by allison at September 21, 2006 12:11 PM