January 30, 2007

The Alteration of Time

Last night I dreamt that someone had gone back in time and altered the space time continuum. I woke up in a similar apartment, but everything was different. Technology had changed. TV and video were different, monitors were all flat panel but the only thing that showed was some sort of public access type of program. I dressed and knew I had to go downtown, I'd had an appointment before the alteration of time and still wanted to go to it. A close friend (who had not been a close friend before the alteration of time) lived in the rear of the building. He was standing in his kitchen ironing, his curtains blowing in and out of his windows. He didn't want me to go downtown, but I thought it would be safe. Sonic lived in a big apartment at the front of the building, she was lounging in her panties and a camisole on a big couch in a bay window, her curtains were long and sheer and were floating up into the room on air currents from the open window. When I left she was on the phone... so phone's still worked.

I walked out of the building, the orientation of my street corner had changed dramatically and the area around my building was open on all sides, the soil was reddish and there was a huge rock on the corner. I don't remember any trees. Everything looked like an arid desert scene. I walked to the center of the street, which turned out to be a busy Market Street and walked to the center divide. People were standing waiting for the streetcar. There were no regular cars and no regular busses, just automatic street cars that ran on a track/groove in the ground. The waiting areas were wooden trellises, very southwest.

I waited for the streetcar and got on. The car suddenly changed direction and went away from downtown. I decided trying to find my way around in a world that had suddenly changed, but only for me, was too overwhelming and I decided to go back home.

Posted by allison at January 30, 2007 04:18 PM