April 27, 2007

The Future Past

I had a dream last night that after 42 years of marriage, my mom divorced my dad and got a new boyfriend. She also got a bob haircut. This might have been caused by my conversation earlier in the evening with an old friend who is going through a divorce.

The dream took place at some sort of orientation for the first day of my final year of college. My mom showed up with this guy and my brother (though my bro was much younger, maybe we all were). There were no classes to go to, but I was to choose my living quarters for the year. It consisted of a spot in a huge room, sort of like a gymnasium, but slightly homier, with nice hard wood flooring and newly painted walls with wood trim reminiscent of wainscoting. I found my spot, against one wall at the far corer of the room, and put down my blanket. I put a couple of my belongings on top, a pair of combat boots (which I don't own in real life) and some flowers, to mark it as mine.

My mom walked off ahead, down a hall to an outdoor walkway, hand in hand with this random man, and eventually I gave up and followed. I didn't know what this strange man was doing there, but what can you do, you just keep going.

I wondered where my dad was, and hoped he had gone to live with his brother in their mother's old house. Maybe they would at least enjoy each others lonely company.

Posted by allison at April 27, 2007 10:31 AM