June 08, 2007

You've Been Waiting

For an update... Haven't you?

Or you haven't even looked, so you didnt notice I haven't said anything.

Last week I had another strange dream.

I dreamt it was my wedding day. Some friends of mine, Rocky and Kristie, and someone else who I can't remember, were driving me around to do last minute errands in a big 70s convertible. It was nearing time for the ceremony, so they brought me to a special make up store. It wasn’t exactly a store, but a place where you rented a spot at a table and put on stage make up that they provided. My area was dimly lit and had a small crappy mirror. The front wall to the street was open air, and the only furniture were banquet tables draped with white clothes, folding chairs, and a counter with a cash register along the back.

Rocky insisted that he do my make up. I just wanted to go home and use my usual stuff, but they all thought it would be more special to use this place. He chose a color that was too pink, and smeared the thick oil base stage make up over my face with a sponge. It took ages to blend it smooth, and then longer to find a more yellow color to blend into the edges so it would match my neck. Finally, I asked the time. It was 7:30! A half hour after the start time of my ceremony, and I didn't even have blush on yet! Not to mention my dress, or that I was nowhere near the wedding location. They all acted like it was no big deal and kept trying to blend the colors to match my skin tone. I was increasingly irritated at having to miss my own wedding and thought the make up store was a real rip off.

Posted by allison at June 8, 2007 10:20 AM