August 09, 2007

June 22, 2006 Paris - Detroit

The girl behind me made friends with a boy in line.

He's a fan of Transcendental Meditation “for a number of reasons,” he says.

She’s grown to appreciate Whitman (or was it Frost?) more as she’s gotten older (she is at least 20).

They love all the same books!

He says he really likes Emily Dickinson! She says… she’s never gotten into her. He restates, “Well, I don’t like her as much as the others…”

Of course.

I will have to listen to this for 7 hours. It’s been 10 minutes and they are exchanging their info now.

She’s been living in Lyon. She is very cosmopolitan. She is cultured and she reeks of poetry.

Oh my God! they love ALL the same things!

She is anti-technology and was anti-email… until she needed it… especially at the University of New York.

He likes writing letters – even though (because!) it’s a dying art (he would be pretentious if he weren’t so unfortunately earnest).

They both used to be into instant messenger, but gave it up when they got older.

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