November 13, 2007

More Bad Movies

These must look good on paper. Certainly The Black Dahlia looked good on paper, it even looked good in the HBO lineup, but, let me tell you, it did not look good on screne. After 3 weeks of watching classic film noirs of the 40s as research for my scene in class (where I played the detective's secretary) I thought I'd reward myself with a some modern interpretation of the style. Waste of time. My God, how can they act so badly? Can I blame the director? They didn't even get the mood right. And the story? Who cares, I didn't.

Later for easy breasy Sunday night viewing I tried Because I Said So with DIane Keaton. Who doesn't love Diane Keaton? Well, whoever talked her into doing this movie must not. No one expects more than drivel from Mandy Moore, but pah-thet-ick. It's not a story that would happen in real life. It's not a story you wish would happen in real life. It's not even a story you'd bother to hope didn't happen in real life.

Good thing Law & Order is on 24/7 to serve me in my times of need. When I want bad acting, I'll ask for it.

Posted by allison at November 13, 2007 11:59 AM