June 25, 2004


No one told me that an iPod would change my life. No one told me that my walks to the bus were unnecessarily dull and drab. That I could live in a world of swirling music instead of a world of overheard car radios and the tubercular hacking of the homeless. But now Now, my life has a soundtrack everywhere I go. 14.something GB of music for my listening pleasure on random, or repeat, or one song at a time. No more do I walk down the street with my own twisted miserable thoughts crashing around in my brain. Now the wait at the bus stop is pleasant and carefree! The old bald dudes waiting for vocational training at Walden House dont walk up and ask me for my phone number hoping to take me to lunch or a movie! My Raymond Chandler novel is uninterrupted by the homegirls on the bus! (Im gonna kill that bitch! That bitch betta watch her back! Serious! Fuck that bitch! Always a pleasant morning experience). Cute boys can send me mp3s and I can listen to them and feel special when I should be working instead!

I am your target demographic and I have bought into your marketing and I dont even care.

Posted by allison at June 25, 2004 04:33 PM