July 02, 2004


They live on 15th just off Mission, on the sidewalk across the street from an auto body shop. Sometimes four or five of them. Mostly men, but there's a woman or two now and then. I think all of them are black, but who knows what color a person's skin is when he's huddled under a blanket and you can't even see the tip of his shoe. They build a little camp out of shopping carts, parts of cardboard boxes, blankets, and each other. Once in a while the police come by and tell them they can't park there anymore, but usually they're there, blocking the sidewalk, puttering, snoozing, living rain or shine. I see them every morning on my way to the bus. Today one guy was sitting up with his legs under a blanket leaning against the wall of the lithograph shop while his friend, a woman, stuck a syringe into his arm and pushed the plunger.

Posted by allison at July 2, 2004 06:46 PM