August 31, 2005

Simon Says

Simon: "I can't even really fathom what it's like to not silently critique the footwear of all those around me."

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August 29, 2005

Post More

I have one random home page fan these days. No idea who he is, but he comments. And there's ert. And they say I gotta post more.

So I swear I'll try.

I have a good story for later, I'll try to write it up all story style tonight.

You'll luff it.

also: OMG two posts in one day.


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John Henry - Best Cat Ever

Everyone says it, but this time it's true.

He gets in the shower with me.

Your cat doesn't do that.

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August 08, 2005

Who Likes Jazz Anyway?

A couple weeks ago I spent part of Saturday and all of Sunday bartending at the North Beach Jazz Fest. What, you might ask, was I doing in North Beach, and why was I bartending?

It is strange that I left my comfy Mission confines to take the bus through Chinatown to Washington Square Park, but I did get a ride home (and on Sunday I didn't bus at all). But it was sunny, and sometimes you just have to leave the house.

The why is easier. Serving beer, drinking for free, and bartering liquor for food is fun. Making tips is ok too, but having a day job means the time spent outside meeting strangers and seeing something other than the screen of my TV set is more than worthwhile without the envelope full of cash.

Honestly, I just haven't posted in so long I decided I'd better come up with something and that I really haven't been doing tons and tons of interesting things. I should work on that.

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