October 28, 2005


Luxury Vacaciones Supremo. Endless days of Tecate and fish tacos. Girls gone wild (and boys going wild with them). Swimming in the Ocean followed by swimming in the pool, followed by the hot tub, and always followed with more Tecate and fish tacos.


- Learning to surf (and failing to surf and getting churned up and spit out into some rocks).

- Taking the bus with surfboards and cramming in with locals and tourists.

- Visiting Mega, the Mexican Target.

- Sitting in the sun for hours on end.

- Giggling with the marlin

- Wearing tourist costumes to be funny.

- Making my own delicioso Mexican breakfasts, little Mexican meat sandwiches, and carrying our own beers in a bag to drink around town.

- Scootering off to Santa Maria Beach for some snorkeling.

- Learning to drive the scooter (after what was probably more than adequate amounts of Tecate, Bohemia, and/or Modelo).

- Ending every day with a late night (beer enabled) trip to the hot tub followed by passing out to a bad movie on cable.

- Beginning every day with a view of vacaciones out the window (where vacation is cruise ships pulling into Cabo San Lucas and the sun refracting off the water, and workers beginning construction on the latest project below our window).

- Getting hit on by an 18 yr old high school student.

- Having all of these and other hilarious adventures with my Tio 'Stache, el Mariachi Supremo.

I would like to go back now please, I think I could get the hang of spanish in a few months. Or perhaps I can just drive around the southwest for a few months instead and not learn spanish. Finding a way to go more places more often is something I need to work on immediately.

Posted by allison at October 28, 2005 03:21 PM