November 04, 2005


250,000 people come within 4 blocks of my neighborhood to gawk and grabass. I meant to go walk around and come home early. I failed. I did manage to avoid the flask of Southern Comfort (and who wouldn’t avoid it), but I failed to avoid a bar full of beer and costumed revelers. Is there anything better than overly friendly costumed revelers, 3 out of 5 guys in drag, girls in skimpy outfits, group clothing irony, all with a slimy coating of beer, and softened by a hazy filter of cigarette smoke?

Posted by allison at November 4, 2005 04:21 PM

I was going to offer a compelling argument in response to your "Is there anything better than..." challenge, but then I considered again the "girls in skimpy outfits" and the presence of beer....and reconsidered. Just can't seem to top that at the moment.

Posted by: iggy pop at November 9, 2005 09:48 AM
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