December 06, 2005

6 Friends Become 5

In the dream I was with 5 good friends. Not good friends from real life, but good friends that exist only in the time and place of this dream. We lived in a long flat motel in a small town, with white walls and a turquoise roof. The kind of motel where the doors open right to the parking lot. The day of the dream the sky was heavy and grey. One of the friends was hurt. I think he was hurt in a fight or an accident. He had a few obvious wounds on the head and torso, but wasn’t bleeding too badly. At first he seemed totally fine. Over the afternoon his condition deteriorated. He became disoriented, lethargic, and weak. Eventually he laid down and died. Later that night the 5 of us slept in one bed in room in a large warehouse. I slept at one edge. We were all clothed and though there were 5 in the bed, we just slept. I think everyone else was a guy. All of us were sad. I was weeping about the one who died, quietly so no one else would hear.

Posted by allison at December 6, 2005 03:28 PM