December 27, 2005

Ring Ring

Im reading this book about rudeness. So I sit down at lunch and open this book and almost immediately the man next to me gets a call on his cell. Were in the dining room of a sushi place, its quiet. Hes been chatting with his companion but when he answers the phone, doubles his volume. Then I get to hear a really extensive and dull one sided conversation about tax on a line of equity. He completely ignores his companion who continues to poke her teriyaki chicken around her bento box with a chopstick (no rice, extra salad - she's watching the carbs). Before he finishes, because he stays on the phone for about 8 minutes, a guy on the other side of the room gets a call too. His phone rings about 6 times, full volume, he finally realizes it is in fact his uniquely annoying ring, and answers. I hear him bless someone for their kindness and laugh jovially. I contemplate digging my earphones out of my bag. Everyone talks twice as loud on the phone as they do to the person next to them. I cant concentrate on my book. My book about how rude people are these days. Dramatic irony.

Posted by allison at December 27, 2005 04:18 PM

that's funny... jenn and i were at a sushi place in campbell a few months ago and this weird lady sitting next to jenn was like "you know it's considered rude to rub your chopsticks together in japan" or something. funny because a few minutes later she became one of those people you just described! durr. maybe it's the sake.

also, jenN wants to know what the book is.

also also, the tab order on this comment page is stupid!

Posted by: yer bro at December 27, 2005 08:45 PM

I completely agree about the tab order. I have no idea why it's like that. I also need to upgrade MT but am fairly uninspired to do so.

The book is Talk to the Hand, by Lynne Truss - the woman who did Eats, Shoots & Leaves a few years ago, which was about punctuation (something I know relatively little about unfortunately). I got it in my stocking.

Posted by: allison at December 28, 2005 09:55 AM

That's funny, that book was just named one of the year's worst by TimeOutNewYork -- but what the hell do they know?

Posted by: Z at December 30, 2005 09:32 AM

Oh, the book isn't a great book... I'm reading it anyway, but it ain't great.

Posted by: allison at December 31, 2005 01:58 PM
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