April 21, 2006


Oh, look at me go with all the updates.

What can I say, I've been busy.

So recently my sink started to drain really slowly. I tried the plunger. Nothing. I tried some Draino. Nothing. I tried stomping around and yelling at it. Nothing. Then I thought I'd check out the left half of the sink that I always leave covered... and OH MY GOD it was full of vile sludge. I had no idea. Scum and detritus and vile disgustingness. I scraped some of it away (it tried to crawl away from me, I'm sure it was going to attack me in my sleep) and threw it out. And I realized that there was a far more serious problem with my sink than I was admitting. I called my pal in a panic. So he comes over on Tuesday with a bucket and some tools and starts taking things apart. Inside? More vile sludge, a fast food straw or two (what? yah, I don't know), and generally horrifying material. He wouldn’t let me look in the bucket, so I can’t be sure, but I'm pretty sure it was horrifying.

In the process of taking things apart he broke a pipe. In the rush of trying to get to the hardware store to replace it, he got the wrong kind. So… the fixing has to wait till Wednesday. On Wednesday he can't find the pipe and tells me he is going to go look for it and get back to me. By 10pm I hadn't heard anything. I was busy complaining away to my chat pals and one of them happened to have a bunch of pipes and ran to my rescue. Really, what nice pals to deal with sludge and pipes and the smelly rotting cupboard under my sink. He totally saved my sinkless ass from sinklessness.

Now all the slime is gone, the weird smells are almost gone, and everything is draining and sparkling again. Showing with my dishes was ok, but really, this is better.

Posted by allison at April 21, 2006 11:41 AM