October 28, 2005


Luxury Vacaciones Supremo. Endless days of Tecate and fish tacos. Girls gone wild (and boys going wild with them). Swimming in the Ocean followed by swimming in the pool, followed by the hot tub, and always followed with more Tecate and fish tacos.


- Learning to surf (and failing to surf and getting churned up and spit out into some rocks).

- Taking the bus with surfboards and cramming in with locals and tourists.

- Visiting Mega, the Mexican Target.

- Sitting in the sun for hours on end.

- Giggling with the marlin

- Wearing tourist costumes to be funny.

- Making my own delicioso Mexican breakfasts, little Mexican meat sandwiches, and carrying our own beers in a bag to drink around town.

- Scootering off to Santa Maria Beach for some snorkeling.

- Learning to drive the scooter (after what was probably more than adequate amounts of Tecate, Bohemia, and/or Modelo).

- Ending every day with a late night (beer enabled) trip to the hot tub followed by passing out to a bad movie on cable.

- Beginning every day with a view of vacaciones out the window (where vacation is cruise ships pulling into Cabo San Lucas and the sun refracting off the water, and workers beginning construction on the latest project below our window).

- Getting hit on by an 18 yr old high school student.

- Having all of these and other hilarious adventures with my Tio 'Stache, el Mariachi Supremo.

I would like to go back now please, I think I could get the hang of spanish in a few months. Or perhaps I can just drive around the southwest for a few months instead and not learn spanish. Finding a way to go more places more often is something I need to work on immediately.

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Indian Summer Cont.

I'd forgotten before I left on vacation to post about how much I love San Francisco in October. From Washington Square to the Marina Green to the Presidio to Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach to Yerba Buena and Duboce and Dolores Parks.

Spending all afternoon on the street having sidewalk barbeque, and then taking the long way home to round out of the Presidio on the back of a bike with the wind cool but not cold, a giant orange sun as wide as Texas sinking heavily into the ocean to my right, and a fat heavy moon, bigger than you ever see it rising over the City to my left... it just makes me love living here... and wish it was always October.

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October 14, 2005

See The Kids Just Getting Out of School

They can't wait to hang out and be cool.

We've started a band. Maybe one day I will become hip. Or maybe I'll just be one of those 40something saggy women who shops at Clothestime in denial of my age. One can hope.

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October 09, 2005

Indian Summer Continues – San Francisco Style

It’s fleet week. Both Thursday and Friday the Blue Angels hurtled by the windows of my 11th floor office while I worked, practicing their routines over the City. Saturday I took the bus down to Marina Green and walked up just as the Navy ships were slipping into the Bay. I found my friends and we wandered past Fort Mason, up the hill, past the hostel, and down near Aquatic Park. The sky was clear and blue and the weather was perfect and warm and breezy. The Air Race was spectacular with its crazy stunt flyers. My favorite is the off kilter barrel roll into a free fall, it never looks like they’ll make it out of that one.

After the race we headed up the steep sidewalks to North Beach and roof deck party number 1. It had a pretty good view as well as a keg and some nice people to meet and stand around with. We all ooh’d and ahh’d as the Blue Angels cut between buildings and did their fancy formation maneuvers. And after the party wound down our group went by Grant and Green to another friend’s wine bar for some tapas. When the group to split up I went back to the neighborhood with my neighbor and we tromped over to Dolores Park to sit on blankets and watch Tootsie on the big screen with all the other neighbors. And after the movie, 3 of us hung out and played records and drank Smirnoff Ice and wore dum hats while dancing around the living room (being dum is fun).

Sunday I pulled myself out of bed on another gorgeous blue sky day and hopped on the back of my pal’s motorbike and went down to the Columbus Day Parade. We checked out the park full of Ferraris and then found a free spot at one of the Italian restaurants that pull their tables out to the street for the festivities. We watched drum corps, horses, and waving princesses while eating a fat plate of spaghetti with meatballs. We finished just in time to head uphill to roof deck party number 2 of the weekend. A fancier home with a higher roof, we had a great view of the air maneuvers. Somehow the noise and speed and machinery just never get boring – at least not when you see it only once a year.

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October 04, 2005

So You Want a Job?

Don't set your phone to block unidentified numbers... Do you not wonder why no one has called you back for any jobs?

Consider telling me why the hell you should be hired as an administrative assistant when your entire resume shows medical assisting or casheiring at Starbucks.

Your typing is not "fast" if it's 40 wpm.

Anyone who says they are "perfectly suited" to a job that involves filing, copying, typing, and sending out mailings is immediately suspect.

A long letter telling me how awesome you are with no accompanying resume, but with a salary request of twice what the typical administrative position goes for is probably the wrong tactic.

Try not to forget that you've applied for a job by the time by the time I call you to schedule an interview.

If you're going to BS, do it well. Chances are I'm far better at it than you are and I smell you coming.

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