May 26, 2006

My Life on Muni – Favorite quotes of the week.

A pointless post to fill space.

Guy two rows in front of me turning around on the 14 to talk to his friend (who is 4 rows behind me) about one of rear guy’s sisters who they haven’t heard from in 3 years, but who might be living in Oakland:

“Don’t nobody know nothin’ ‘bout NOTHIN’?”

Dirty homeless guy with wild scraggly hair and the crazy eyes sauntering up to me at the bus stop on Mission, giving me the “you know you want it, why don’t you give my ride a try” look:

“Baby, I’m a real man! ….. So COME ON!”

Bonus quote, from me, from today on chat, because I amuse myself:

“It must really suck when reality is your kryptonite.”

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May 24, 2006


I have a hankering to teach myself tab lately. I’ve got it mostly down on the mandolin (though slowly and not all that well) so I think I can figure it out for guitar pretty quickly even with 2 additional strings. At least I could if I wasn’t so busy slacking and getting absolutely nothing accomplished outside of chat. I blame it on springtime and um, springtime activities, and stuff. Springtime may not be the best time to enforce self discipline, but I might be able to set aside the 15 minutes a day it should take to get the hang of tab.

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May 19, 2006

Jet Setting Adventures to Come

I got a ticket to Paris yesterday. I don’t know if you’ve looked at airfares lately but it basically cost me my life savings. Was going to stop in NYC on my way out and back, but I’ll wait and do that when the bossie is out of town instead. I’ve got pals in Paris with a place for me to sleep and a side trip to Amsterdam with 6 or 7 others for the weekend all worked out. Plus a day trip with my Ams pal Jeroen who has visited me several times on his many trips to the US. I’ve been to Ireland, but not to anywhere else in Europe, so it is very exciting. I’m sure you’re all very excited. All two of you who read this.

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May 10, 2006

Look Ma, No Thumbs.

I have now gone out for several rides with my nice friend who is kind enough to act as my pretend riding coach. I can now handle turns and have managed to get up to speed on the roads. I have also gotten pulled over, locked the back tire and slid all over the place, and dropped the bike on the ground. We won’t count the original running out of gas and battery jump, since someone told me “tank’s full!” right when I drove off for my very first try. Just working through all the steps one at a time. I was going to try the freeway, but I think I’ll need to figure out how to go faster before I attempt high speed merging.

I got a nice little jacket too, but still need better gloves. I rode for a bit in the evening and couldn’t feel my thumbs when I stopped. Oops.

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Sometimes it doesn't hit you until later. You realize you weren't really paying attention at the time. I spent a few months hanging out with a person who was very into discussing needs – his, mine, ours, that sort of thing. But it has slowly dawned on me that any needs of mine that were discussed were the ones that supported his needs. I seemed to always be going with his suggestions for where to go and what to do… and now I'm realizing, we never did get to mine. I also got in trouble for trying to show him a good time by taking him out somewhere I thought would be fun, or for not constantly sticking to his conversational track, or not responding according to his expectations. I guess I thought we would eventually do the things I might like more, or maybe I’m just up for anything. Or maybe I’m an idiot and overly accommodating. Whatever, I think I’ll make a note of it and go a different way from now on. The thing is, when you spend time with another person, you accept them for who they are or you don’t. If you want to hang out with someone who is exactly like you and desires nothing but to fulfill your every need alone… you should stay home and sit by the mirror.

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