October 17, 2006

Sweet Delicious Muni

I went to work late on Friday. At least a couple hours. That means that commuters had been coming and going from the outbound Van Ness and Market bus stop for at least 3 or 4 hours. The bus stop was covered in shit. Person shit. There was even a little wad of toilet paper smashed into a pile.

There’s no way anyone would squat down and take a crap in front of morning rush hour, so I guess the poop had been there all morning, since before the crowds. And it was still there. I thought maybe someone’s reported the giant steaming turdpiles and they just haven’t come to clear them yet, but just in case, I did my civic duty and told the bus driver, “Hey, don’t know if you can call it in or something, but there are human feces all over that bus shelter!” He looked over at the shelter and bugged his eyes out of his head in a cartoon of horrified shock. I heard him call it in a few minutes later, and by the way he had to describe where and what, it sure didn’t sound like anyone else had reported it yet. We all hate Muni, but they’ll still hightail it to clean human feces off the bus stop. If they know it’s there. I give myself a little pat on the back for being the one person who didn’t think, eh, someone else will tell 'em it’s a mess.

So anyway, we’re on our way up Van Ness and I am looking at the morning passengers and this dowdy woman gets on and holds the rail a few seats down from me. Brown forgettable dress and coat, mousy hair, plain chubby face, but… she has at least 4 facial piercings. One of the bull nose rings, and 3 lip rings. One on each side of her mouth, and one in the middle. The middle lip ring has a dangly charm on it. She’s chewing gum like an over caffeinated cow. With every chew the charm bounces up and flips around and dangles down. Bounces up and flips around and dangles down. Bounces up and flips around and dangles down. Bounces up and flips around and dangles down.

One day I won’t be able to stop laughing at someone and I’ll get the crap beaten out of me.

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October 12, 2006


I managed to convince MasterCard to reimburse me for my stolen iPod. I was 9 days over the limit for theft protection benefits. I appealed their denial, and along with receipts and police reports, I included some handy photos of my sliced up neck with stitches.

ER co-pay $75
Co-pay to remove stitches $20
Xanax to calm the f down $10
Therapy for PTSD $200
Photos of a nice girl with a knife wound to the neck: Priceless

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A Little Night Music

The other night someone unloaded 30 rounds from an AK47 half a block from my house. I heard the ratta-tat-tat and pretended it wasnt gunfire until I got some information on it the next day. I feel terrorized lately living in the City. Sucks. You never really expect that people will be firing off automatic weapons that close to you, even if you do live near a subsidized housing project. When that sort of thing happens in a movie, the movie ends and you get to go home. When it happens at home, well… Crap.

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October 05, 2006


I went camping the other weekend. That's where I tried taking photos for the first time. Well... Taking photos with a manual camera that I was adjusting myself.

Also, I froze. It was so cold at night that one late morning when I got up and poured the water from the plastic water bottle that had been sitting out on the picnic bench all night, into the glass coffeemaker pot to measure it, the water crystalized.

And then the sun rose, and by 2pm it was very warm.

And then in the night, it once again became intolerably, freezingly cold.

I read books and played the little guitar and generally relaxed. It was nice to have a break from the City to make it feel like the mugging stuff had officially passed.

It is deer hunting season, and the hunters were camped all around. The stream next to the tent wasnt full of water yet, but had started to fill by the time we left. Cold, clear, and clean mountain spring water shoots relentessly out of a pipe on the side of the road. Yellow Jackets and Bumble Bees like the insides of tents.

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So Busy

Yah, so I started taking some classes. An acting class and a singing class. Just to see if I still like this stuff. If I still hate other actors. If it is any fun being busy and doing these kinds of things.

It’s not too bad. It stresses me out to be so busy, but it’s been fun too.

And I’ve been trying to learn some photo skills.

Next, learning to develop and print. Good job, me.

I suppose I should give more exciting details...

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