The little AskAllison archive.

Direct to you from the "good old days" of the internet.
(Most of the links wont work, but trust me, they did in 1995).

I swear this was cool back then.

Why spend 2.95 a minute?

I don't always tell

Can I call you Alli?

Such problems.

Just don't get sass


The nut don't fall far from the tree

A great debate


Burning Man



Speak your mind today

Fake fingernails


Who's responsible anyway?

Pepto Bismol pink

Opinions are sublime


Oooooh ... Oh! ... Ahhhhhh....

Well, spank my butt

Lovely wood paneling

This column is Fucked

Hey, it's the holiday season

We don't like what you say

I for one am frightened

The holidays are over